Hi, I’m India!

I’ve worked on websites since 1996, and in 2008 I enrolled in ITP at New York University. In 2010, I began teaching myself EPUB development, and for almost four years I coded full-time, for book publishers and in EdTech.

I’ve picked up a wide variety of skills in the course of my career, but I always especially loved the coding parts of my work. So in 2017, I attended the Grace Hopper Program, an intensive full-stack JavaScript school for women. Then I worked there for three months as a teaching fellow, helping the next cohort master the material.

In spring 2018, I joined Stride as a Consulting Software Developer. Through Stride, I work on development teams at different clients around NYC, learning a new stack and codebase every few months, and both using and teaching practices such as test-driven design and pair programming.

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