I have probably hundreds of old blog posts littering up the Internet, some of the more technical selections from which are listed below. The Medium blog I started while attending Grace Hopper is the freshest source, though I also still cross-post to my self-hosted publishing blog, because Never Trust a Free Platform.

I’ve also written a lot of internal documentation, most of which is locked down within the companies I wrote it for. Still retrievable, however, are all the public-facing FAQs I wrote for Poets.org between 1999 and 2001.

India, Ink.

There are several of technical though non-programming blog posts (e.g., UX-related) on my old book publishing blog. See, for example,

Digital Book World

These two articles were published on F+W Media’s Digital Book World blog (though they were also cross-posted to my own). They were meant to begin an eight-part series, but then I started working at F+W and promptly became too busy to continue.

They have been cited in the class reader for PUB310: Publishing in the Digital Environment, by Kosie Eloff, Liam Borgstrom, and Laetitia Cassells (Pretoria, South Africa: University of Pretoria, 2013).