Grace Shopurr

Babel, Bootstrap, CSS, Express, git, GitHub, Heroku, Passport, Postgres, React, Redux, Sequelize,, Webpack

An e-commerce site for adopting cats and purchasing supplies to donate to animal shelters.

Grace Shopurr

Our first team project during Senior Phase, and our first time dealing with Heroku. Also our first time using the application boilerplate the class had built a few days before.

Team members

  • India Amos
  • Sarah Charles
  • Maggy Prajapati
  • Leigh Steiner

My roles

  • Defined order model
  • Set up API routes for users and donation products
  • Helped create seed file
  • Wrote tests for product routes
  • Created product admin form
  • Contributed some CSS niceties/fixes
  • Shaved yak screenshot of three commit messages re yak shaving