Presentation slides for developers

Babel, Deque Cauldron, eslint-config-airbnb, Express, git, GitHub, jsx-a11y, Marked, Node, Postgres, React, react-document-title, Redux, Runkit, Sequelize,,, Webpack​

SlyDv was an itch-scratching project. At Grace Hopper, we saw — and gave — a lot of presentations where the speaker had to switch to a REPL to demonstrate some code, and then fumbled around to find the slides again afterward. We also saw a lot of people fussing more about their slide layouts than about the content itself. So we wanted to develop a presentation app that let you create vanilla slides using Markdown, and also make REPL slides that could be prepopulated with code and then live-edited and run while presenting.

In three weeks, we met these goals and also added a remote-control page that presenters can use on their phones, a style switcher for the slide decks, and a text chat interface for the audience and presenter to communicate through. And we used Deque Labs’s Cauldron library and jsx-a11y to help make the forms and controls accessible.

Team members

  • India Amos
  • Alice Chuang
  • Georgina Hoagland
  • Leigh Steiner

Key contributions

  • Designed the application flow around slide editing
  • Specified and designed the slide template types
  • Built and styled the slide editing form
  • Added confirmation popups to prevent accidental data loss, and tooltips to improve ease of use
  • Set up descriptive page titles on each component to make it easier to use the browser’s back and forward buttons with this single-page application
  • Evangelized for use of the Airbnb linter
  • Kept our issue list up to date and comprehensible